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Mobile ATC Tower




Avionics REMF proposes a typical " turn key " mobile ATC tower.

Our engineers design mobile control towers (preequiped radio cabins) for temporary or permanent use.

A complete service is available (spare parts, training, evolutive design,...)

The system displaid is an example among various possibilities.

We suggest you contact Avionics REMF to specify your needs.


  • high mobility
  • instantaneous operational in case of emergency or other use

  • civillian and military use

  • Very competitive price

  System description 


Examples of possible features :

ATC cabin with one or two operator control desk.

The cabin can be removed from the platform.

Scissor mechanism lift with hydraulic pump and electric power generator.

ATC mounted on truc or trailor.

Our Customer may also specify :

  • Type of vehicle

  • Type of radiocommunication equipment

  • Various accessories (air conditionning, stabilising jacks, painting...)

  • etc.

Avionics REMF
Civil avionics - ATC systems - Defense
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