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VHF/UHF Transceiveir / Antenna Splitter-Combiner
Type CS2V/U



This equipment is intended to combine VHF transceiver and UHF transceiver to only one antenna coaxial cable ( bidirectional mode).

A single mixed VHF/UHF antenna can be used.

If two VHF and UHF separate antennas are required, another CS2 V/U equipment can be used (close to antennas) to split VHF and UHF signals from the cable to each antenna.

The CS2 V/U can be used on control towers, shelters, ships, technical rooms, near the transceivers and close to antennas.


  • Low insertion losses
  • High out band rejections

  • Small size 100 x 180 x 40 mm

  • Low weight : 400 g

  • Reliable equipment (no active components)

  • Additional filtering benefits for VHF transceiver harmonics

  System description 

  • Small rectangular box with fixation legs
  • Available with N female type connectors in standard or C, TNC, BNC, in option

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