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.Avionics for military light aircrafts


Enhanced frequency range VHF tranceivers for light aircrafts such as helicopters, training jets, survey, SAR, and like secondary tranceiver into fighters and for ground use (ground stations, desk, portable)

frequency range : 118 MHz to 144 MHz

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VHF 300 DM transceiver
NATO P/N : (6) 5821-14-476-4665

.Tiny transceivers

Tiny modular range VHF tranceivers to be embedded into helmets for wireless and hand free applications –(air force, navy, land forces).

Frequency range 50 MHz to 165 MHz


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ERM transceiver module
Nato P/N:

.AM/FM transceivers

VHF FM transceiver on tactical frequency range depending on the model : from 30 MHz to 88 MHz or 138 MHz to 165 MHz (or 174 MHz in option)..


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VH300 G or VH300 H transceiver
NATO P/N : (6)5820 14-470-8974

.Shoulder-trap portable transceivers

This portable transceiver includes various VHF transceivers described above such as VHF 300 D, VHF 300 DM, VHF 300 G and so on.

Contact Avionics REMF to get the complete range of tranceivers.

Theses products are designed for high RF power (5 W RMS or 20 W PEP) instead of small hand-portable transceivers.

They have long range battery operation (8 to 35 hours).

Applications are : emergency communications, temporary traffic base station for forest fires, rescue helipads, major power breakdown...)

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E/R polyvalent type ERP300


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