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Avionics REMF’s specificity and strengths are to be able to design, manufacture and integrate systems and equipment very close to the customer needs and at affordable prices.

The small-size and high know-how of our company allows optimum flexibility and reactivity to quickly meet the client’s needs.


The equipment listed below are only some examples among a comprehensive range of products. Contact Avionics REMF for other products.

Dual VHF transceiver
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Remote controled VHF transceiver
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Remote control box
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Remote control of runway light beacons
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combo system    More information

VHF/UHF splitter-combiner
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Shoulder trap portable transceiver
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Airport ground vehicle VHF transceiver
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ELT direction finder
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(This product can be use also in “ATIS” function)

Drive box built in DIN IEC 61 554 standard instruments enclosure

DIN IEC 61 554 standard instruments enclosure 144 x 72 mm

(insertion through the front panel)

Cutting panel window:

137 x 66 mm

Depth 142 mm (Not including connector size) )

This device (driver module) is designed to drive external transmitter or built-in stand-alone Answering-transmitter into 19’-2U cabinet to transmit messages (numerically recorded) to aircraft within the aerodrome circuit:

- Either in Automatic response from calls of aircraft on the frequency of the airport (Answering mode).

- Either by repeating continuously the recorded message on dedicated frequency ("ATIS" broadcast mode).

The ATIS mode or Answering (AARD) mode can be factory configured before delivery, or configured by the user (switch).

It is also possible to allow the changeover ATIS / AARD mode by the operator (switch on the front or the rear panel of the equipment (to be determined when ordering).

When the equipment is fixed as an ATIS or as AARD, marking not useful on the front can be masked by a label).

.Engineering on request (examples)

Avionics REMF designs and manufactures systems that meet customers specifications and requests and provides affordable solutions integrating its own equipement or external solutions if necessary

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Example of engineering on request
Mobile control tower with cabin lift


Avionics REMF has developed standard systems or equipement fulfilling the most current needs such as " turn key " mobile control tower, radiocommunication " turn key " control desks , transceivers, for airfiel ground servicing, shelters,...( many other possibilities exist depending on the customer needs).

The equipments listed below are only some examples among a comprehensive range of products.

Contact Avionics REMF about your needs.


Our engineers design mobile control towers ( preequiped radio cabins) for temporary or permanent use.

A complete service is available (spare parts, training, evolutive design,...)


Video clip about modular control tower clic here

Example of engineering on request
Mobile control tower with cabin lift


Radiocommunication compact transportable system to replace deficient control tower (for example after fire or grave event).

  • this equipment includes transceivers, recorders, batteries and main power supply.

  • Various models are available


Emergency transportable station
(19'' - 6U)

Example of" Turn key " control desk custom designed for Airbus Industrie Flight Test Department.

This system features :

  • remote controls for VHF stations

  • meteo satellite receiving

  • data base for flight schedule

  • phone and intercom

  • computer for any use and WEB activities

  • embedded emergency transceiver

  • phone patch to VHF transceiver

  • link to remote long range HF station

  • etc..

Video clip about REMF control desk clic here

Turn key " control desk 
custom designed for Airbus Industries

Example of small control desk for secondary airports, mobile tower or shelter.

These products are best sellers because of the affordable technology .


Video clip about REMF control desk clic here

control desk for secondary airports

This Innovative concept of remote desk ground station avoids the use of  several transceivers working on the same channel.

This system allows to drive a single common transceiver from several remote control boxes (and operators).


More information

SYST 300
Remote desks ground station

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Our affordable and innovative products and systems have been purchased worldwide by Civil Aviation Authorities, MODs, Airport Management Companies, Airlines Compagnies, Aircraft Manufacturers, Safe and Rescue Organisations, etc. :

Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Fidji Islands, Moroco, Tunisia, Senegal, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guatemala..


Avionics REMF
Civil avionics - ATC systems - Defense
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